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Justin Bieber, as we all know well, is the cheesy heartthrob who debuted in 2009 with his inescapable song “Baby.”

After a few years as an innocent teenage star, Bieber started to take a turn for the worst in 2012 with reckless driving, charges of vandalism, egging the homes of his neighbors, a DUI, driving with an expired license, resisting arrest, drug use, an on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez, a bad album, and a bunch of dumb choices.

Like his tattoo choices… or his pet monkey, or peeing in a bucket at a restaurant, or a fist fight with the Goofy character at DisneyLand, or physically fighting the paparazzi, or yelling insults at Bill Clinton… the list goes on and on.

Safe to say, if you didn’t already hear them already, Bieber has been the joke of our lives for the past few years. (But don’t you dare say that to the Beliebers on Twitter – they’ll threaten to kill you, or worse)

But Biebs seems to be making a real change for 2015 – call it a New Year’s resolution, call it adulthood – either way Bieber seems to be turning his life around.

And the April cover of Men’s Health magazine proves it.

In the new issue, Bieber talks about growing up too fast (going from a 13 year old YouTube singer to a worldwide phenomenon overnight) and how it is time to grow up. But this cover is just the latest move in the rehabilitation of Bieber’s image.

To start, Bieber laid low for a while at the end of 2014 and for the beginning of 2015.

Bieber finally came back with an appearance on The Ellen Show followed by the upload of a video apologizing for all the stupid things he did and for acting arrogant on The Ellen Show due to his nerves.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0anNXXrIpxM

Bieber added in the video that he was pretending to be somebody he wasn’t during the past year and a half, which is when his run ins with the law occurred.

After apologizing to fans, and to anyone who would watch the video, Bieber celebrated his 21stt birthday (and now that he can legally drink alcohol, of course he won’t make any dumb decisions…)

But guess what Bieber is doing to celebrate?

He’s celebrating it with all of us – on a Comedy Central Roast of himself, airing March 30!

While the roast hasn’t aired yet, I can guarantee you it will be hilarious. How could there not be some great jokes about his dumbass decisions?

So far it looks like Bieber’s PR person deserves a raise! They’re doing an amazing job by not trying to erase the things Bieber did, rather they’re turning them into jokes and talking points so that Bieber can show his growth into adulthood.

Best part about the roast: the promo commercial is a slow-mo video of Bieber shirtless being pelted with eggs to make fun of him egging his neighbors.

Bielieber or a hater, his Comedy Central Roast is a must-watch! While I’m not a fan of Bieber (his music or who he is as a person), I hope he can become the next Britney Spears, recovering from his very public, and very erratic breakdown we all watched.

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