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Whether you’re a devoted liberal or a die-hard conservative, odds are you’ve been hearing an earful about Carly Fiorina. After flying under the radar for the greater part of the 2016 presidential campaigning season, Fiorina is now obviously determined to be heard loud and clear – and she is succeeding.

Fiorina stands out as the sole female among the primary Republican contenders vying for the nomination to face off against the Democrats’ pick, which many assume will be Hillary Clinton. But her sex is surely not Fiorina’s only distinguishing feature.
It was during the past two Republican presidential debates that Fiorina proved herself to be a worthy candidate. Quick on her feet and assertive in speech, Fiorina stole the debate stage (even from buffoon Donald Trump!) in these televised events – and a record 23 million people reportedly witnessed her do so.

Fiorina becomes noticeably impassioned whenever she speaks, which likely strikes a chord in the many frustrated Americans who are disturbed by the direction our country is heading. Speaking loudly on issues ranging from our failing foreign policy (including the recent Iran Deal) to our inability to defend the sanctity of life and our population’s most vulnerable, Fiorina is, for many conservatives, not only their knight in shining armor. She is a knightess.

Voters should be able to look past their candidates’ sex, as this is an important asset as a Republican politician.
Long accused of being the party of old white men, the GOP has found a fresh face with Fiorina – yet she still stands for the conservative ideals and traditional values that I believe make our country great.

As a female, Fiorina challenges her opponents to come up with new arguments against conservative politics. Clinton will find it very difficult to brush off Republican support for defunding Planned Parenthood as misogynistic when her opponent is a no-nonsense, tough-as-nails, independent woman.

It’s her strong belief in the anti-abortion movement, in fact, that has brought Fiorina much attention. One sound bite from the most recent debate, in particular, quotes Fiorina explaining that how we in the US view and treat unborn children, is more than a personal choice, but is “about the character of our nation.” Cue the applause and “Amens.”

Critics of Fiorina are quick to cite her time as CEO of Hewlett Packard and her recent reference during a debate to an undercover post-abortion video of questionable existence as reasons to consider her an unqualified contender. However, supporters point out the state of the economy during the time at which Fiorina ran HP, and nullify the video-reference criticism by reasoning that whether or not this video in particular exists, countless videos undeniably equal in horrifying content do. The latter fact alone should be enough to hush anyone.

The truth is, for the conservative voters yearning for “one nation under God” again Fiorina is our voice. That’s exactly what a politician is supposed to be. And that is where my vote will go. ◼︎

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