David Mair

News Editor

A senior Lute earned a regional award for his accomplishments in business this fall.

Kyle Parsons won the Puget Sound American Marketing Student of the Year Award.

“I’m very honored. I know it’s common to feel undeserving,”Parsons said. “Like there’s always someone else who could have gotten it. I’m very humbled.”

One student from each college in the Puget Sound area is recognized for the PSAM award, if their professors see them fit. Parson’s advisors found him deserving in the recommendations they wrote which brought him to be recognized in marketing in the Puget Sound area. He received the award at a ceremony on Nov. 5.

Parsons is a business major with a concentration in marketing.

He represents the School of Business at Pacific Lutheran University as an ambassador.

He said that he enjoys the atmosphere of the corporate world because marketing is something you can always use, even outside of business.

“I’m a person who likes structure,” Parsons said. “I like dressing up.”

He also feels qualified for working in business. As of this fall he became certified to chair a committee and test on animals along with being citi trained. These certifications enable him to legally conduct studies.

Conducting studies is what sparked Parson’s interest in marketing research.

His current study involves social media and the correlation with high fashion.

As Parsons sees the horizon of his college career coming ever nearer, two paths diverge after graduation for him.
He would like to someday become a lawyer, making law school a potential next step.

On the other hand, PLU has created a new master’s program for marketing that started this year, the Masters of Science and Marketing Research.

This program would “further my knowledge,” Parsons said. ◼︎

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