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Known for combining seamless harmonies, raw emotion and fluid choreography, PLUtonic and HERmonic joined forces in a concert this fall to give Pacific Lutheran University an earful. Nov. 3 the groups gathered in Lagerquist to perform Top 40 Hits, choral music, sacred refrains, and some tried-and-true favorites.

PLUtonic and HERmonic have been praised as giving “stellar” performances resulting in their consistent ranking as two of the 10 best college-level a cappella groups in Washington and Canada.

The groups choreograph and direct all of their pieces and have arranged the vast majority of the songs they will perform at the fall concert.

IMG_3317 (1)
Left to Right: Sophomore Sarah Crum, Sophomore Rizelle Rosales, Sophomore Lydia Bill, Tegan Mitchell and Senior Megan Zink

Just like the variety of genres they perform, PLUtonic and HERmonic have diverse membership. A cappella draws in many Lutes who participate in PLU’s renowned music program and choirs, as well as students who are otherwise uninvolved in music at PLU.

“PLU has a huge music community, and it’s not just limited to choral and instrumental music,” said Megan Zink, president of HERmonic. “It can also be a cappella and non-music majors. Anybody can audition. Anybody can sing.”

PLUtonic and HERmonic put plenty of effort into their fall concert, and it shows. In less than two months, they have successfully welcomed new members, arranged and learned several pieces, and developed unique group identities.

Collaborating together as two fully-formed entities, PLUtonic and HERmonic are a dynamic duo on campus.

“This year especially has been really good,” said Kyle Mitchell, president of PLUtonic. “Communication between PLUtonic and HERmonic has been really chill and fun. It’s fun to collaborate.”

These groups also like to collaborate with alumni, as they called former Lutes in the audience to share the stage at the fall concert.

PLUtonic partnered with alumni to perform Pie Jesu, a hymn written for the group by a former PLU student. HERmonic swayed to the sound of “And So It Goes,” hand in hand with almni who where in attendance.

Other songs included a PLUtonic performance of “Shut Up and Dance” and a HERmonic Coldplay mash-up.

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