A&E Editor

I find coconut milk, an option so widely-demanded by Starbuck-ians worldwide, a disappointment.

I worked for Starbucks in Spokane, Wash., for two years (ending in September 2012). During my time as an espresso-slinger, I witnessed many customer complaints about the only non-dairy option, a vanilla Soymilk. Coconut Milk and Almond Milk were regularly requested from Baristas in my location, and, if my interpretation of social media is correct, across the nation.

These customers went to, a Starbucks customer-response site, and lodged 84,000 requests for a new non-dairy option. Starbucks granted the requests and released the new milk option nationwide on Feb. 17.

I don’t understand the hype. My double-short-extra-foam-no-whip-one-pump-white-chocolate-mocha tastes far better with soymilk or real milk than the watery substance I received.

News Editor

I thought coconut milk at Starbucks would mean my mochas could start tasting like Samoa Girl Scout cookies.

However, when I ordered a mocha with coconut milk, I was not only grossed out that my drink tasted like it was made with dirty water, but that I was actually charged 60 cents more for it. I know it might be healthier, and I’m sure it’s great for people who cant drink milk, but I’m saying no to the new coconut milk trend.

Not only that, but the milk had seeped through my cup and left me with a semen-esque layer of coconut milk syrup around my cup. Definitely a mess maker and an appetite-killer.

Mast TV General Manager

As someone who loves her vanilla lattes, I was excited to try my favorite drink at Starbucks with a coconutty twist.

The latte tasted about the same, but had a little after taste of coconut. If you’re a big coconut fan like I am, I suggest paying the extra 60 cents to try it out, as it’s a healthier dairy alternative than soy.


I’m a woman of simple pleasures, and one of those pleasures is a grande, nonfat hot chocolate. During winter time, I might mix it up with a shot of peppermint, but more often than not I stick to what I know: grande, nonfat hot chocolate.

When I was asked to try my favorite Starbs drink with coconut milk, I was hesitant. However, I bit the bullet and ordered a grande hot chocolate with coconut milk.

Cocount milk turns my simple pleasure into a creamy deliciousness I am unable to fully put into words. It has the thickness and frothiness hot chocolate with 2 percent or even whole milk would have, but with a hint of sweetness I didn’t know I needed in my hot cocoa. Coconut milk provides my grande with 10 grams of fat and 270 calories, while nonfat has 2.5 grams of fat and 270 calories, too.

I am still a woman of simple pleasures, but this particular pleasure will now include coconut milk.


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