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Everyone deals with stress in different ways. Some find relief in a long conversation with their best friend. Others relax with a video game controller in their hands. Unfortunately, the desire for relaxation can go to an extreme.

Steve Sarkisian was considered one of the best college football coaches in the country. This is why University of Washington hired him as their head coach.

Photo Courtesy of Ted S. Warren, AP: Sarkisian celebrating a victory over 8th ranked Stanford in 2012
Photo Courtesy of Ted S. Warren, AP: Sarkisian celebrating a victory over 8th ranked Stanford in 2012.

But this image was altered over the past few months when Sarkisian was publicly intoxicated at a University of Southern California rally in August.

Get ready to f***** fight on baby, lets go,” a drunk Sarkisian said.

This drunken quote brought attention to USCs football program. Coach Sark admitted mixing medication with alcohol during that event. The pressure of being a major college football coach had Sarkisian finding comfort in the bottom of a bottle.

USC asked Sarkisian to take a leave of absence and seek the proper medical treatment. The school fired Sarkisian one day later. In college football, there is no room for error. If a team loses a game, they have no chance of competing for a national title.


In 2014, there were 97 liquor law violations on-campus at Pacific Lutheran University. The pressures of being a college student can be overwhelming. For most, it is the first time being away from family. Others struggle with time management, and how to deal with hectic schedules. If there is a way to relax for a couple hours, humans will try to find it.

I am in no way trying to justify underage drinking. Being in high pressure, demanding life situations push people to do things they normally wouldn’t. PLU provides help in the health center for mental health as well as physical. The counseling center, womens center, and diversity center all provide students a place to be welcomed.

Steve Sarkisian making the "V for Victory" sign at a USC practice
Steve Sarkisian making the “V for Victory” sign at a USC practice.

In a way, Steve Sarkisian and college students can relate to one another. Both are in a demanding place in their lives. Even after being fired, Sarkisian likely feels pressure from family and supporters to get help and overcome his personal demons.

For students, the struggle of getting good grades, working to earn a couple dollars, and preparing for the future can be frustrating. For those struggling with anything, there are several places that provide help on PLUs campus:Counseling Center, Health Center, Women’s Center and by your personal advisor. Take advantage of them. ◼︎

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