The Mast welcomes David Mair as this year’s News/Opinion Editor.  Mair will celebrate one year with Mast Media in Fall, having written for every section – Opinion, News, A&E and Sports. Mair came to write comic strips but ended up in an editor position: we couldn’t be more excited to have him.

Not only is he a great member of the team, he’s easily one of the quirkiest. And we’re all already pretty weird.

Get to know him a little better…

Mast Media: You’re an interesting kid, you know that? Where are you from?

David Mair: I’m born and raised in Portland, home of the Oregon Trailblazers and the best coffee around. I went to Cleveland High School. I was the mascot, Grover from Sesame Street – once.

How did you go from Mascot to journalism? How does that even happen?

I honestly enjoy writing and having the opportunity to write for every section because each has its different style.

Which would you say is your favorite?

I enjoy writing for sports the most because it’s like writing a story – there’s ups and downs, triumIMG_0309phs and heroes.

I hear you’re a bit of a comic junkie. Tell me more about that.

I love reading comic books as well as writing my own. My ultimate dream job would be to write for Marvel comics, since I enjoy that format of storytelling.

Comics are really what’s on my mind right now. This summer, I wrote a comic script and passed it around to people at work (I work for a local Comic Book Shop – and by work, I mean I’m paid in comics). A few of them are actual comic book writers. It’s been really exciting to work on.

Other than comics and journalism, what do you love to do?

I listen to and play a lot of music. Hip hop and jazz is where it’s at. I also love drinking Dutch Bros Coffee. I actually once told my local baristas at Dutch Bros that I broke my arm from slam dunking a basketball to score some credit.

You’re an odd one… what would you say is the weirdest thing people don’t know about you?

I’m a certified archery instructor and because of who trained me, I’m three degrees of separation from Jennifer Lawrence.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed.

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Samantha Lund was the Editor in Chief at The Mast, a student-run newsroom within Pacific Lutheran University, in 2015-16. Lund created Mast Magazine in 2015 to give students a forum for long form news pieces. She could be found writing for Pacific Lutheran University's Marketing and Communication site or interning at MOViN 92.9's morning talk show in Seattle. Other places to find her content include: Alaska Airlines blog and website, The News Tribune and The Bremerton Harald.