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Editor’s Note: The Mast partners with PLU Athletics via social media and all the questions below were tweeted in to either Mast Media or PLU Athletics from the curious athletics fans. 

Junior Ben Welch is a starter on both the football and baseball teams at Pacific Lutheran University. The Mast sat down with him to answer some of your questions and to ask some of our own.

Mast Media: What is your spirit animal?
Ben Welch: I would probably go with, a bald eagle. I’ve had a cabin out in Hood Canal my whole life and there are tons of bald eagles up there. It’s fun to watch them. I think they’re interesting. They swoop out of the sky and kill their prey.

MM: What kind of shampoo do you use?
BW: I use “Head & Shoulders”, the blue one.

MM: Is your sister, Peri, really a better athlete?
BW: Without a doubt, she is the best athlete in the family. She is twelve now and she plays volleyball soccer and basketball. She is a seventh grader but she plays on the eighth grade team for her school in volleyball.
MM: What are some of your life goals?
BW: Probably the same as everyone’s. Probably graduate college, lead a successful career, maybe eventually start a family, maybe start my own business.

MM: Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking?
BW: Oh, my brother asked this one. That is actually a quote from Zoolander. My brother and I joke about that. But, yeah, there’s way more to life.

MM: What was your favorite class you have taken at PLU?
BW: The finance class I am in right now. I think it is interesting seeing how the concepts you learn apply to real life.

MM: What are three things that we should all know about you?
BW: I take academics very seriously. I enjoy downtime. I enjoy taking some time to hang out with my housemates, watching TV, watching a movie. I waterski in the summer and snowboard in the winter whenever I can.

MM: Did you ever think that you would be a dual sport athlete in college?
BW: I knew I loved baseball and football and I’m pretty good at both of them so, “I was thinking I’m either going to go to a state school and I’ll play neither or I can go to a smaller Division III school and hopefully try and do both. PLU has just been a great fit for me.

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