The past few weeks in pop culture can be described as hurricane Kylie. Recent news has been a majority of rumors, stories, speculations, and discussions on Kylie Jenner. But what’s true and what’s just fangirling gone wild? Hkylie 3ere’s your breakdown on this week’s Terran’s Take.

If you haven’t heard of her, Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian clan from mom-ager Kris’ marriage to Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner). Kylie just recently turned 18 years old and is already living in her own $2.7 million (allegedly) with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

If you thought Kim Kardashian was America’s tabloid queen, Kylie Jenner is America’s tabloid princess close in the running of stealing the crown.

Kylie has 37.8 million Instagram followers right now, but by the time this is published she will likely surpass 38 million followers. She has 11.7 million Twitter followers, and just launched her own app for $3.79 plus $2.99 each month.

American has recently honed in on their obsession with the teen that can be broken down into 3 phases. Her appearance, her boyfriend, and a wide array of bizarre stories (true and false).

1.Kylie Jenner’s appearance

Kylie has grown up on the family’s reality tv series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that has allowed anyone who views the show to feel that they have a right to comment on her looks.

Since she started on the show in 2007, Kylie has grown from a child to technically an adult (I don’t consider her one nor do I consider myself one although we are both over 18 now) and became famous for her lips.

Look up the #KylieJennerLipChallenge on Twitter – I promise it will provide hours of entertainment.

Besides her lips media outlets, and I’ll admit I’m guilty myself, have speculated plastic surgery on nearly every aspect of her body. While I don’t think she has surgery on every aspect of her body, check out her before and after photos and you’ll see there has definitely been changes beyond what puberty can do.

kylie 2kylie 1

The lips are obvious and she has said they were her biggest insecurity so she changed them, no problem with that. Actually, there’s no problem with any plastic surgery. My problem is with people who get work done and lie about it or deny it.

If you follow “King Kylie” as she calls herself on Instagram on anything and especially on SnapChat, you’ve seen too many of her selfies that reveal a possible chin implant and a brow life if you ask me.

Media outlets have gone on to alledge fillers and a nose job but I don’t believe those. Media outlets have also gone on to allege a boob job and butt padding, which I believe.kylie boobs

Kylie claims on her app that her boobs are thanks to her Victoria’s Secret push-up bra, but that doesn’t explain her many bra-less looks.

Again, nothing wrong with plastic surgery. Just own it gurl!


TYGA is the 25 year old rapper Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson with TYGA standing for “Thank You God Always”. 

TYGA and Kylie have been allegedly dating for over a year with candid sightings at grocery stores, etc. yet Kylie was still a minor. The two denied all dating rumors but Kanye accidently slipped up on a radio interview.

For Kylie’s 18th birthday, TYGA bought her a $115 thousand to $450 thousand Ferrari, despite not being together (hahaha..).

Since her 18th birthday TYGA has been spotted with Kylie EVERYWHERE. The two went on a Mexican vacation the week after her birthday par
ty and TYGA has taken over her SnapChat story lately including a video of him calling Kylie her fiance!

There’s no problem with love, except fkermitor when it’s between a 17 year old and a 25 year old with a child, but that’s none of my business.

3.Bizarre stories surrounding Kylie Jenner

The past few weeks have not only been a time of Kylie Jenner news overload but an overload of bizarre stories and rumors about Kylie Jenner.

My favorites are Kylie’s wig being pulled by a fan she ignored outside of a Chris Brown concert and her having Scott Disick’s baby (which is not true).

Another great story this month comes from a girl named Chelsea that has filed a restraining order against Kylie. Chelsea claims that King Kylie has been bullying and harassing her online for three years now. Chelsea claims it all started when Kylie’s boyfriend Jayden Smith (2012) showed interest in her and Kylie got jealous.

Maybe Chelsea is telling the truth but in my opinion, it’s another pull by a fangirl trying to get Kylie’s attention.

In the end, what I’m trying to get across is that Kylie has been in the news way too much. It’s time to lay off of her, she’s only 18. But Kylie, if you’re reading this, own up to your plastic surgery I’ll have mega respect for you!

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