by Samantha Lund, News Editor

Spring semester brings with it weekly Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University meetings to discuss changes around campus and new policies for students. Recently, ASPLU has been making decisions that will affect students this year and next.
The first big change ASPLU is looking to make is taking Impact out of ASPLU and making it a part of Student Media. As of the Feb. 10 ASPLU Senate meeting, the process has begun to separate ASPLU and Impact. If all goes as planned, Impact will join Student Media Board next year, said senior ASPLU Vice President Dan Stell.

Impact has been a part of ASPLU for more than 13 years. Now, Impact Director Haley Ehlers and Stell agree that this move will be beneficial for Impact and help the organization to grow. Student Media Board is an organization that is attempting to make Student Media work together across campus and provide multimedia coverage and opportunities to all students.

LollaIf this bill passes and Impact becomes a part of Student Media, the budget will not change for them but will become an average of their last five year’s budgets. However, the ultimate budgeting decision will be left up to the Senate.

Along with moving Impact out of ASPLU, Stell says there is talk of creating a Student Programs Board. A Student Programs Board has been in the works for three years now, but Stell thinks it is on its way to success.

As Pacific Lutheran University gets closer to May, rumors have been going around about the who, what, where, why and when LollaPLUza will take place.

Senior Andrew Larsen, Programs Director for ASPLU, touched base on a few new details on the event. LollaPLUza, the annual PLU outdoor concert event, will change locations and be on the golf course this year. There were fears and mumblings that ASPLU was going to charge for LollaPLUza because it was on the golf course but those rumors are false. LollaPLUza will continue to be a free concert open to all students.

As of right now, ASPLU is still finalizing contracts with artists to headline the concert. There have been an overwhelming number of on-campus groups who have reached out to ASPLU to be involved as well, Larsen said. The concert cannot meet all the requests from bands, but Larsen thinks the concert will provide an exciting opportunity to showcase some local PLU talent.

ASPLU meets Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The locations change frequently and can be found online.

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