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Football may be fall’s favorite sport, but October belongs to baseball.

After 162 regular season games, Major League Baseball has found its 10 best teams.
Two wild card teams, and three division winners from both the American and National league will compete for the crown of baseball’s best. I think the new kings of baseball will reside in Queens, as the New York Mets will be the 2015 World Series Champs.

Great pitching and solid defense are a must for success in postseason baseball. The New York Mets have some of the best starting pitchers in the game. Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom,and Noah Syndergaard all had a regular season earned run average under 3.30.

One of the best moves made at the trade deadline was the acquisition of Yoenis Cespedes by the Mets.

Along with his big bat, Cespedes brings outstanding outfield defense to his new ball club. Cespedes best defensive ability is his arm. He has 48 outfield-assisted put-outs in four seasons.

Cespedes’ cannon could keep base runners from advancing an extra base and keep runs off the scoreboard.

The Mets offense is not one to take lightly. As a team, the Mets ranked fourth in doubles, and eighth in home runs.
If the home runs come at the right time, the Mets could be tough to beat this postseason.
Ultimately, postseason baseball is tough to predict. New York Yankee Aaron Boone taught us that the most unlikely players can become legends with one swing of the bat.

Any team can come out on top. I believe that with their great pitching and some timely hitting. The Mets could find themselves as World Series Champions.

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