JEFF DUNN; News Editor:

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” As Lutes, we’ve heard this question since Orientation.  PLU’s Day of Vocation is devoted to discernment, discovery and the big enough questions that drive our choices of majors, life partners and careers.

The second part of spring semester of the spring semester kicked off with some “big enough questions.” The annual day of vocation was celebrated across campus with events engaging and asking the PLU community to consider their own vocational journey.IMG_3572

“Day of Vocation helps student explore their vocational journey,” said Academic Advisor Heather Leque. “We’re talking about how students’ deep gladness meets with the world’s deep hunger.”

The day began with a keynote address from PLU Regent and alumni, Michelle Long.

“The importance of ‘Day of Vocation’ at PLU really has a lot to do with helpings tudents become better,” Long said. “It’s the ability to step outside their comfort zone and ask the difficult questions.”

In addition to the series of speeches and presentations, or LuteTalks, a handful of fake trees were set up in Red Square. Students wrote their passions and interests on paper leaves, while reflecting on the world’s needs.

The LuteTalks featured student speakers and faculty. The “Scientists and Philosophers in Dialogue,” which had several professors of physics, philosophy and chemistry discussing how they found their own vocation.

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