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What if you arrived at college, excited to start taking class, but were not interested in any of the majors offered? For one student at PLU, this situation challenged her educational path. This sophomore decided to create her own original academic major: Digital Media. She aims to be the first student to complete such a major despite the difficulties that may come with making it happen.

Rachel Lovrovich, sophomore, plans to individualize her major, an opportunity not readily available at most universities. She gained permission from the provost her first year at PLU. In order to get started, Lovrovich must compose a group of advisers who will guide her in her academic pursuits.

“I have three professors from art and communication who are backing me,” she said. She also accredits communication professor Joanne Lisosky for spurring her interest towards this pursuit.

Now, Lovrovich will have to provide written evidence of why certain classes should count towards her major to the university’s Board of Regents. Her major involves an interdisciplinary approach, taking classes from departments varying from communication to business. As of now, Lovrovich has taken four graphic design classes, digital photography, a creative media course, MediaLab and some communication classes.

As one of the few who take this individualized approach, Lovrovich said she faces obstacles that other students do not even think about.

“The most difficult part for me is just figuring out what the next step is, and how I can achieve it,” she said. “Making your own major is rare, so there aren’t many people that have walked this path before.”

Despite the challenges, creating an individualized major opens new and different opportunities for Lovrovich. She said she plans to make her major “[encompass] all kinds of digital media, so [she] won’t have to narrow it down to just graphic design.” Her expertise would allow her an array of jobs, such as graphic design, marketing, or TV production.

If anyone is interested in an individualized major, Lovrovich encourages them to find knowledgeable advisors.

“The most important requirement is composing a faculty committee,” she said. “Having the guidance of your advisers and faculty is key to making an individualized major.”

No matter the challenges, Lovrovich said she strives to complete her major in four years. With hard work and dedication, individualized majors may achievable. Lovrovich demonstrated that any interest can be turned into a major if proper planning and dedications is implemented.

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