As captains of the football team, we would like to formally apologize for what happened a few nights ago on campus.

The actions of a few individuals on our team are in no way a reflection of who we are or what EMAL stands for.

EMAL is not a political view. This is an issue that we have taken very seriously.

We have met on a few occasions to get to the bottom of what happened and educate our teammates on why their actions were wrong, uncalled for and did nothing to help during a time where emotions were high and people were upset. We believe that our community as whole needs to come together.

Communities are made up of individuals, and individuals have different views. However, for our community to flourish and be healthy we must learn to be accepting of each other’s views and live together in peace.

The next few weeks will undoubtedly be a difficult time for everyone, but the hope is that we can come together and discuss our thoughts in a peaceful and productive manner.

Derek Chase, Senior

Juston Lind, Senior

“The actions of a few individuals on our team are in no way a reflection of who we are and what EMAL stands for.”

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