Dear Editor,

Recently I visited KPLU to do an interview about my brother, humanitarian Bob Dickerson.   It was there I found the current copy of The Mast.

I read with interest to see what college youth were thinking and found Carly Stauffer’s opinion piece about the state of the world. (‘Doesn’t get better than this’ by Carly Stauffer, The Mast, March 4, 2016)  I definitely agree with her analysis that “the world is still abundantly ridden with problems.”

I disagree, however, that we can’t change the world’s situation.  Consider the fact that HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria are finally possible to control in the future, according to Dr. Mark Dybul, Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.    

Also, the number of preventable deaths of mothers and children has been cut in half during the last 25 years.  The number of students with educational opportunities has also increased during this time.

Like Ms. Stauffer, I do have “outrageous hope” and I am an optimist, but I believe we have the ability and the responsibility to act to continue these changes in our world.

My brother Bob believed this was a part of his Christian duty, and like Congressman Adam Smith said, the right thing to do.  He worked hard over the last  25 years to bring about these changes I spoke of, volunteering with a group called RESULTS (  Even his cancer diagnosis didn’t slow him down.

He has passed now, leaving this world a better place and inspiring many, but there is still much to do:  The Global Fund will need continued funding to win the battle with these three pandemics.

The Reach Every Mother and Child Act will help end preventable deaths of mothers and children, but it needs our voices to bring it out of committee and into law.

The Education for All Act targets giving an opportunity for over 100 million children and adolescents to finally go to school, and it needs support to pass.

So why not tweet, email, Facebook, write a letter or make a call to your representative and senators and ask them to support and pass this legislation?

You might just find yourself making a difference for our world and becoming hopeful, joyful and optimistic in the process.  If each of us light a candle, perhaps we can “drive out the dark.”

Willie Dickerson

606 Holiday St.

Snohomish, WA 98290


Check out Carly’s article ‘Doesn’t get better than this’ right here: ◼︎

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