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Some of you probably know and remember Thea Borgås, a PLU alumna from the Class of 2015. Something that even those who know her might not know is that she is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter.

Under the name Thea Illeana, Thea has shared two songs on Youtube and I could not be more proud of her. Her lyrics are powerful and moving. Thea also plays a lot of instruments. On her newest single “Nostalgia,” Thea plays the piano.

Before Thea came to PLU in 2013, she was working with a record company in Oslo, Norway. While studying at PLU, Thea took a break from music to focus on her education, but since graduating she has started writing songs and recording again.

Thea released her latest single, “Nostalgia,” last week. Check out Thea Illeana on Youtube or SoundCloud. You will not regret it! Thea is currently working on her music with Urban Sound Studios in Norway and is planning on recording a few more

Click here to check out the song! ◼︎

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