HELEN WILMOT; Photographer; chunghh@plu.edu

Mast Photographer Helen Wilmot caught up with Lynn Tucker about a moment in her life that changed everything.

“Almost dying saved my life. I had multiple cancer related surgeries and after this particular surgery, I contracted an illness called C. diff. I ended up in septic shock and multiple organ failure. I spent 17 days in the hospital and on day 15, I thought this was it. This would be the last day I would be on earth. That same day, people I didn’t even know came into my hospital room to pray for me. I went to bed that night thinking I wasn’t going to wake up, but I did. Not only did I wake up, but I woke up well with no medical reason for it. That led me on my path back to Jesus, but also redirected my entire life. I would say I’ve always been an optimist, but I used to be a big stress bag as well. I would get really caught up in letting things get me down. I would be one person in public and another person at home. This event is what made me think how cool it is that everyone can just decide to be happy or have joy in your life every single day. It’s not that I’m ecstatic about everything every day, but there is something every single day to be happy about.”

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