By Katelynn Padron, Guest Writer

You may have seen “E.T.,” the “Indiana Jones” films, the “Star Wars” series, “The Dark Knight” or perhaps “The Avengers.”

All of these movies have one big thing in common — they were summer blockbusters. By definition, these films generated great success in the box office.

Summer blockbusters entertain thousands of moviegoers each summer. “Monsters University” and “The Great Gatsby” are a couple of the highly anticipated films for summer 2013.

Sophomore Chris Porter, a film fanatic, said the summer release he is most excited for is “Monsters University.”

“I love Pixar animated movies, but ‘Monsters Inc.’ has always been my favorite,” Porter said. The movie will feature its original main characters Mike, voiced by Billy Crystal, and Sulley, voiced by John Goodman.

This time around, the plot will focus on Mike and Sulley’s college days.

Porter said he likes the direction the plot is taking. “‘Monsters University’ looks really promising to me,” Porter said. “Monsters University” will be showing in theaters starting June 21.

While Gary Susman, writer and critic for the film information site AOL Moviefone, lists “Monsters University” in his top five ‘most likely to succeed’ summer films, he placed “The Great Gatsby” at the top of the list for ‘overhyped’ films.

Based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby” follows Nick Carraway, played by Tobey Maguire, as he discovers the world of the charismatic millionaire, Jay Gatsby, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. The film comes to theaters on next Friday.

Susman said he believes the 3D element will not add enough to the film to make it worthwhile.

Susman’s ‘believe the hype’ list is topped with Sci-Fi action movies including “Star Trek into Darkness” and “Iron Man 3.”

“Star Trek into Darkness” is J.J. Abram’s sequel to his 2009 “Star Trek” and hits theaters on May 17.

Susman predicted that “keen anticipation over this visually lush 3D adventure, and over the secretive nature of the villain (Benedict Cumberbatch), should drive huge opening weekend business and a total of just over $300 million.”

“Iron Man 3” is another Sci-Fi action movie predicted to do well in the box office. It is opening today and will run well into the summer.

Junior Lewis Hitchiner, a long-time Iron Man fan, said he will be going to see the film in theater.

“I’m hoping to see an improvement from the second movie,” Hitchiner said.  He said he felt that the second Iron Man film “didn’t have the same feel as the first movie.”

Hitchiner said he believes that producers save certain films for the summer in order to market to students.

Throughout the fall and winter months, classes and homework take up most of a student’s time, Hitchiner said, but “during the summer those things are not generally an issue. It allows for more viewers and so more money.”

Several end-of-the-world-based movies are also hoping to attract unoccupied students this summer.

“After Earth” is a post-apocalyptic movie starring father and son, Will and Jaden Smith and is coming to theaters on May 31.

“World War Z” is a semi-apocalyptic zombie film starring Brad Pitt. It’s based on a novel by Max Brooks and will be in theaters starting June 21.

First-year Denae McGaha will be aboard the fantasy movie train this summer to see “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.”

“I’ve read the books and loved them,” McGaha said.

Based on the first book in Cassandra Clare’s “The Mortal Instruments” series, the story stars Clary Fray, played by Lily Collins, as she finds out she is not an average teenager.

When a demon kidnaps her mother, played by Lena Headey, Clary sets out to rescue her.

Though McGaha anticipates going to see “The Mortal Instruments” she does not think it will be a blockbuster. “It’s too cheesy,” McGaha said of the acting and special effects. “The Mortal Instruments” will open on August 23.

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