Brooke Thames
A&C Editor

When it comes to music, phrases like “best songwriter of all time” tend to spark debate. While the Swifties of the world are mourning Rolling Stone’s crowning of Bob Dylan as the “#1 Greatest Songwriter of All Time,” one LASR DJ is celebrating in full Bob Dylan fashion.

Senior Eddie McCoven, DJ of “The Crossroads,” will be hosting a Bob Dylan Dance Party Monday Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. in honor of the singer/songwriter’s musical achievement. For one hour Lutes are welcomed inside the LASR studio to sing, dance and jam along to some of the artist’s biggest hits.

“It’s gonna be a great time for people to come in, hang out, dance a little bit, sing a little bit or just be there while I do the broadcast,” McCoven said.

During the one hour broadcast, McCoven will also be giving students the opportunity to perform Bob Dylan covers live on the air.

McCoven will also be performing his own Bob Dylan cover. As a musician himself, McCoven finds that Dylan’s music speaks to him and inspires his own creativity in a way that only true musicianship can.

“The quality of his lyrics – the poetic nature – speaks to me as a writer […] it speaks to me as a musician,” McCoven said. “There’s some powerful things that [Dylan] can do with words and a few chords.”
McCoven’s adoration for Bob Dylan is what inspired him to host a special hour dedicated to the musician. However, Dylan’s music is not far removed from the songs regularly featured on McCoven’s show “The Crossroads.”

Inspired by the old blues tale of Robert Johnson (who sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads), “The Crossroads” showcases music from a variety of genres. Blues, country, and classic rock are just some of the musical styles McCoven highlights during his reign on the radio.

“A lot of times there are artists such as Bob Dylan who cross those genres,” McCoven said.
Students who wish to join McCoven for his Bob Dylan Dance Party can join the DJ Monday Oct. 8 in the LASR studio. ◼︎

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